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While bringing up facts about her father, whom she's fond of, Mike suggests that something seems off. Selina later learns the truth about her father: that he sold her horse, was cheating on her mother, and never really cared for his daughter. This prompts Selina to destroy the barn her father used as an office.

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Selina comes to the decision that she will use her mother's house as the location for the "Selina Meyer Presidential Birthplace and Library". Selina later visits the country of Qatar for a funeral. She unknowingly takes a picture with a warlord. To balance this, she flies to Juba, South Sudan, for a photo op with a women's rights activist. The plane breaks down in Sudan, so Mohammed bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Jaffar flies her back to Qatar, and the two spend the night in his palace. Al Jaffar also tells Selina that the two can't be together because she is white. However, the two continue to see each other in the following months.

Selina is invited to the White House again for the unveiling of her presidential portrait. However, by not inviting Jonah, he shuts down the Government by voting no on raising the debt ceiling. Non-essential White House personnel are furloughed, and, not only is there hardly any staff to serve the unveiling, but Montez is prevented from giving a very flattering speech.

Her portrait is unveiled, and Selina's portrait artist put in the chair that she had sex with Andrew on.

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It is also revealed that Selina was responsible for the freeing of Tibet, overshadowing the bad news. In the wake of Selina's newfound popularity, Yale announces they would like to host Selina's library. Her library site, however, is accidentally to be built on former slave grounds. See also: Selina Meyer presidential campaign, Selina decides to announce her candidacy in Iowa, where her exploratory committee headquarters are also located. Initially, she was set to announce at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, however due to a miscommunication, she and her team landed in Cedar Falls instead.

This causes the announcement to be set back. She then travels to Lurlene for a photo op with the ceremonial dog mayor of the city. When she makes a remark to the press about not having had breakfast, Gary hands her a piece of chocolate, which Selina accidentally feeds to the dog mayor, who later falls into a coma. As they are leaving the Susan B. Anthony birthplace and museum, the press asks Selina about the shooting, which she unexpectedly turns into a campaign announcement, recycling the criticism she had received from one of the stage setters that refused to set up the rally.

The next day, Selina meets U. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, hoping that she could help remedy the situation with Andrew. However, she's interrupted when she spots Tom, apparently going to a meeting with Felix. Ultimately, he withdraws his support from Meyer and instead plans on supporting Kemi Talbot, who is about to announce her candidacy for President.

At a campaign event in Iowa, Selina is unsettled to find a small crowd. As a result her staff sends her to a county fair to meet with potential voters. Her pledge backfires when all the candidates agree and Kent discovers that Kemi was involved in a car accident that killed her boyfriend when she was At the first Democratic primary debate held on May 18, , Tom tries to double cross Selina by revealing that she fed him negative information on Kemi and by revealing she had a heart attack, something she told him in confidence during the previous episode.

Kemi manages to deflect the attack. During the commercial break, Selina searches for a new angle and becomes annoyed when Catherine tells her to support Kemi, telling her to "Man Up! In the following months, Selina continues to fall behind Kemi in the polls. As the primaries begin in , Kemi wins Iowa but Selina is able to take a "come-from-behind second place".

Selina goes on to win the New Hampshire primary with With time running out to the South Carolina primary, Selina makes public her pledge to recognize the Diaoyu Islands as Chinese sovereignty to a bewildered audience.

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She also learns that Gary's faith-based initiative has raised 25 million dollars anonymously. Selina immediately connects this to the Chinese. On the day of the primary, Selina expects record African-American turnout in support for Kemi, but learns that strange occurrences around the city, including curfews and voter disenfranchisement, have been preventing a large African-American population from going to the polls. Selina ends up winning the primary and sleeps with Dan that night.

Selina is horrified to learn that Andrew is possibly making a deal with the U. Selina connects the dots and confronts Keith whether or not he had anything to do with it, to which the answer appears to be that he did. Selina notices Keith trying to conceal a piece of paper that she manages to stealthily swipe, which appears to be in Mandarin. Afterwards, Selina and Minna meet up and Selina inadvertently reveals information about the drone strike, resulting in Minna having Selina arrested for war crimes. At the Norwegian embassy, Minna grants Selina asylum. She offers him any islands, but as Lu refuses, Selina finally offers to return Tibet to Chinese sovereignty.

Lu, ecstatic, accepts her request and switches his support from Montez to Selina. Selina accepts her award, giving a speech about the importance of a free Tibet, and reluctantly takes a picture with all the baby Llamas she helped free.

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No candidate has received a majority of delegates. He asks Selina to consider making Kemi her running mate, but she refuses. After the meeting, Selina accidentally uses the men's restroom, inadvertently breaking North Carolina's bathroom bill, banning transgender use of restrooms.

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Also in the news is an attempted bombing at a New York City airport. However, it turns out that the suspect in the New York City airport bombing was a muslim math teacher. Delegates begin swinging towards Jonah. Tom claims that Selina has no political future. Selina then goes to Michelle and plants the seeds that Tom has just been using her sexually. Michelle goes public that Tom has been sexually harassing her, thus destroying any chances of him achieving the nomination. That night, Selina achieves the nomination. Backstage, preparing for her speech, Furlong tells Selina that The Meyer Fund isn't going away and somebody needs to take the fall, to which Selina replies that she knows.

Selina goes on stage and reads a speech she stole from DeVito. Gary is apprehended by the FBI and imprisoned for Selina's financial misappropriations. As Selina finishes her speech, she and Jonah take the stage as balloons fall and the crowd celebrates the Meyer-Ryan ticket.

Meyer's second term as President, though her first and only full term, began on January 20, During her second administration, she assigned Michelle York to be her Chief of Staff, having previously convinced her to leave the employment of Tom James during the Democratic National Convention. Additionally, her former campaign manager Keith Quinn served her administration in a high level capacity.

As part of a promise made to Nevada Governor Buddy Calhoun during the convention, Meyer was successful in having same-sex marriage repealed in the United States during her second term. Meyer left office on January 20, It is unclear if she decided not to run for re-election in the presidential election or if she ran and lost, since she would eligible to run again.

She would later be succeeded if not immediately by her rival Kemi Talbot , who would go on to serve a full two-terms.

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After spending 20 years back in private life, Selina Meyer died on August 10, [7] , of unspecified causes. Her former Vice President Jonah Ryan was not invited, due to the controversy of him being impeached from office years prior. Former Chief of Staff Ben Cafferty passed years before, thus was unable to attend.

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  • In a surprise turn of events, her former personal assistant Gary Walsh made an appearance towards the end of the ceremony, despite having been framed by Meyer for illegalities associated with The Meyer Fund and subsequently imprisoned for many years. It is also possible that her ex-husband Andrew Meyer thought to be dead since also attended in disguise.

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    At the funeral, Amy and Bill are seen together, while Dan is accompanied by an unnamed woman many years his junior. Dan briefly mentions that he operates a business selling real estate in Laguna Beach, California. Her funeral was not attended by her daughter Catherine Meyer , her daughter in-law Marjorie Palmiotti or her grandson Richard Jr. The three instead watched the funeral on television from Catherine's Brownstone and drank Margaritas.

    Selina Meyer is generally regarded to be one of the most ineffective President's in American history, and her presidencies are held in low-regard by scholars. When Meyer's first term ended in , she was ranked 43rd out of 44 presidents in terms of effectiveness. Despite being able to negotiate the independence of Tibet in , Tibet would soon return to Chinese rule in the early s. Meyer's only lasting achievement would be her controversial outlawing of same-sex marriage.

    Despite being a member of the Democratic Party , Selina has made it clear time and time again that she would sacrifice her morals in a heartbeat if it could better position herself. Selina's abortion stance has been described as somewhat moderate, describing it in The Choice as being "pro-choice, but not controversial". She was said to be somewhere in between Danny Chung , who's liberal on this position, and George Maddox , who is more conservative and against abortion.

    Hughes switches his stance to being pro-life, meaning he and Selina were elected as a pro-choice candidates in the presidential election. In Discovery Weekend , Selina claims to have spent her entire life fighting for a woman's right to choose. In December , the United States underwent a financial crisis wherein several banks needed to be bailed out. Selina made the difficult choice to not bail out Charlie Baird 's bank. During her presidency, Selina held a day middle eastern peace tour, during which time she became the first President since Jimmy Carter to visit Iran.