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Research: 6. Mindfulness, identity and work: mindfulness training creates a more flexible sense of self Paul W.

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Atkins and Robert Styles; 7. Improving decision making through mindfulness Natalia Karelaia and Jochen Reb; 8. Mindfulness and creativity in the workplace Ravi S. Kudesia; 9.

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How being mindful impacts individuals' work-family balance, conflict, and enrichment: a review of existing evidence, mechanisms and future directions Tammy D. Allen and E.

Layne Paddock; Building and maintaining better leadership relationships through mindfulness Richard E. Boyatzis; Leading with mindfulness: exploring the relation of mindfulness with leadership behaviors, styles, and development Jochen Reb, Samantha Sim, Kraivin Chintakananda and Devasheesh P. Bhave; Mindfulness in interpersonal negotiations: delineating the concept of mindfulness and proposing a mindful, relational self-regulation MRSR model Dejun Tony Kong; Drawing the line: sketching out the role of visual templates in individual mindfulness and mindful organizing Christian Gartner and Christian Huber; Part III.

Applications: Awakening at work: introducing mindfulness into organizations Mirabai Bush; Drucker School of Management Jeremy Hunter; Mindfulness in coaching Liz Hall; Index. This book provides researchers and professionals with an overview of the latest theory and empirical research on mindfulness in an organizational context. Avbryt Send e-post.

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Les mer. His main interest is in the importance granted to the socio-economic factors that cast different light on more conventional modes of representation like realism. He examines the new parameters of fiction-writing and selects the elements that elaborate the modern equation where place, time, value AND word intersect and interact.

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His examples taken from H. Stevens praise inventiveness, rhetorical devices, innovative rhythmic patterns, etc. His main focus, though, is on the fundamental issue of race.

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His detailed account revisits the many aspects of the genre Black minstrel shows based on visual stimulation, musicals, lavish productions, melodrama with its excesses and defects, etc. It also shows how the decisive changes introduced by psychoanalytic themes like desire, genre and class paved the way for modern drama confronted with the dramatic social and cultural issues of the Great Depression.

Sanders considers that this movement was in fact the result of a new order, of a new pragmatism that stressed the many oppositions between civilized and savage, intellect and experience, human and animal, etc. For the Harlem Renaissance became particularly active when social and political conditions in the country changed drastically. The critic lists the many factors that contributed to the emergence of a new racial politics: immigration from the South to the North and to the North-East, secularization and acculturation, tensions between the sacred and the profane, urbanization and economic mobility, etc.

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This contribution explores the most famous form of cultural expression of modernity, first seen as a potential threat to social order and morality since it assimilated sex with music and dancing. Perhaps his most convincing argument is the connection he makes with European literature both fiction and poetry , which helped to revitalize music.

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In his mind, jazz owes much to both T. Eliot and J. Joyce whose poetic diction was largely based on leitmotivs and rhythmic and repetitive patterns of all sorts. The critic posits the great influence of the European avant-garde and models; he quotes M. What is the function of art?

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Of painting? What art for what culture? Perloff considers that the influence of machine on artistic modes of representation was essential for it generated a new relation of the physical object to space and to its representation. She analyzes the relation between gender identity and sexuality in the light of the feminist theories that prevailed in s and s for, in her mind, there is a link between theories of gender and the distribution of power. Duvall takes his examples from K. Chopin, W. Cather, E.