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The scenes with Stickley and Wolfe, also a carryover from the previous books in the trilogy, were somewhat amusing as well, although Wolfe never made an entirely convincing villain. He seemed too stupid to ever be a serious threat to anyone, though he did manage to pull off a few of his schemes, such as Rafe's kidnapping in the first book. I was glad that he ended up being punished in the end and that Stickley realized the error of his ways.

All in all, even though I wasn't crazy about the first two books of the trilogy, this one was enjoyable enough for me to consider reading some of Celeste Bradley's other books in the future. I've heard good things about the "Liar's Club" series, so maybe I'll give that a try next. I find her bookish, plain and just enjoying life as it is. But when I picked this up, I was wondering, my can't the hero, Graham sees Sophie for herself, when he knows her as just plain Sophie, not the enigmatic Sophie who changed her appearance later.

I feel that if the writer has taken the effort to make us connect to the plain Sophie, I would enjoy the story more. I find her turning to beautiful Sophie a tad sour, perhaps because I enjoyed knowing the plain Sophie. As for the climax, I have never expected it. It is just shocking. I actually love the rapport between the three cousins, and was wishing there are more scenes engaging the three cousins together. I enjoyed The Duke Next Door more than this one. Sep 09, Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: heroine-fail , asshole-hero , historical-romance , bored-me-to-tears , idiot-hero , sexist-bs.

The H insults the h, tells her she's a plain country bumpkin who he took pity on. He never apologized. He didn't even have to grovel. Instead, the next scene has her hunting him down and finding him with another woman who the H thinks is "tainted". Which makes him a slut shaming asshole and a hypocrite since he had no issue taking her as a lover before the h had her makeover. The h snatches the other woman's wig off and threatens to kick her ass.

Then, after the ow runs off, the h and H make out and he cuts the session short with more hurtful words. I'm not sure if I can finish this shit. Okay I finished by skimming. He never groveled. Sep 13, Book Binge rated it really liked it Shelves: , reviews-by-holly , reviews-by-chrystal.

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I was browsing my library for an audiobook to listen to on my commute and came across Duke Most Wanted. I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot of fun. And if she happens to have a slight..

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Well, no one has to know. It would be too much to hope Graham would notice her, but maybe she could find herself a husband after all. Graham is doing his best to live up to his responsibility as the youngest son…. Too bad he has to find a rich bride instead of indulging his sudden feelings toward Sophie.

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This was such an unexpected gem. I was in the mood for something light and fun, and this hit the spot. I really enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Graham and Sophie. While it may sound harsh, it actually relieved her mind so much she was able to relax with him and be herself. Because I felt they had a pretty solid friendship before his father dies, I felt their separation was kind of contrived. It just seemed to land on the page out of nowhere. I really enjoyed Sophie and Graham. Feb 27, Missy rated it it was ok Shelves: hero-rake-rogue-scoundrel , series-challenge , contemporary-feel-to-it , unrequited-love-for-heroine , fairy-tale-inspired.

Shorter than the first two books in the series. It was okay. I wouldn't recommend reading this series out of order.

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Nov 03, Amellialucille rated it did not like it. Had to skim through it. Jul 05, Elis Madison rated it liked it Shelves: adventure-and-danger , era-regency-ish , he-loves-me-she-loves-me-not , hidden-identities , add-a-half-star , mean-people , bad-guys-galore , part-of-series. Sir Hamish Pickering died a couple generations ago, but not before making a ridiculous will. He somehow had scads of money dumb must've paid well in those days , and his will settles twiddle on his female descendants and even less than twiddle on the males—unless… The first female descendant who marries a duke, or marries a guy who eventually becomes a duke, inherits the whole bundle.

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And if anybody speaks of the terms of the will outside the family, the money goes to pay the fines of smugglers Sir Hamish Pickering died a couple generations ago, but not before making a ridiculous will. And if anybody speaks of the terms of the will outside the family, the money goes to pay the fines of smugglers. Graham is unlike his father and three older brothers, who love to hang out together, drink, belch, fart and shoot stuff.

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  • They line the walls with trophies from their hunts. Which is just as well, cuz as you might expect, within the first ten or so pages, they became the trophies on the wall of a rogue elephant.

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    Graham is now the D of E. And unfortunately his not-so-ex mistress, Widow Moneybags, is dangling all her favorite assets before his eyes. Meanwhile, the usual villains are still lurking in the shadows, doing their best to prevent anyone or at least anyone other than their favorite from winning the Marry-a-Duke Lottery.

    I liked Sophie a lot and her backstory really sold it for me, but some of the other elements of the story seemed a little thin. Passion, intrigue, mystery, and love. You'll find all of these and more in the pages of Duke Most Wanted. Celeste Bradley does a wonderful job at once again bringing to life a set of characters that readers will want to learn more about-- and not just the main characters either. In fact, as much as I enjoyed seeing Graham and Sophie falling for each other, I think the side story of two of the servants, John and Patricia's love was just as entertaining, if only a bit more brief in length.

    Althoug Passion, intrigue, mystery, and love. Although the mystery and secrets found in this story did throw me for a bit, I came to terms with them in the end, when the hero and heroine get their happy ever after.

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    My only problem was the sudden twist that was thrown into the story with less than 50 pages to go. I won't say what it was, you'll have to read and find out for yourself, but it caught me off guard, and I had a bit of trouble adapting to it for a while.

    In the end, however, I was able to move on after seeing Graham come to terms with his mistake. I just wish this part had been developed a bit more, since we didn't really get to see how he came to realize what he did wrong, and so quickly forgave Sophie I liked Duke Most Wanted much more than I did the previous novel in the series, The Duke Next Door, and I think the main reason for that being so lies in the heroine of the book. Sophie was much easier to connect with than Deidre, whose blonde looks and slightly stuck up and shallow attitude annoyed me.

    Unlike her cousins Deidre and Phoebe, Sophie was not the most stunningly beautiful woman in Society, and Graham was able to see from the very beginning that her beauty was more than skin deep, though she wasn't unsightly by any means.