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No prior knowledge of grammatical terminology is assumed and a glossary of grammatical terms is provided. Featuring related exercises and activities, this Grammar is accompanied by the Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar Workbook. Dark Night of the Soul. Repairing Old China and Ceramic Tiles.

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Contents 1. Overview of Pronunciation and Pinyin Romanization 1. The Syllable and the Word 2. Grammatical Categories and Basic Phrase Order 4. Nouns: properties of the noun absence of number and gender distinctions, proper and common nouns, pronouns 6. Numbers: cardinal, ordinal, numbers in a list, numbers in counting 7.

Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar: A Practical Guide / Edition 2

Specifiers 7. Noun Phrases and noun modification 8. Verbs 9.

Properties of Mandarin verbs 9. Mandarin verb types 9. Auxiliary verbs