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Overview As World War II drew to a close, the Imperial Japanese military seized control of Laos, a French protectorate, and encouraged nationalist movements to forestall the revival of French power in the region.

Despite these efforts the French re-entered Indochina and methodically retook the protectorate. By , the government of Laos and the core of the Communist Laotian forces, known as the Pathet Lao, entered an uneasy truce, which plunged the country into 15 years of war.

The War in Laos –75 by Kenneth Conboy and Simon McCouaig - Book - Read Online

This text explores the resulting war, providing a summary of events and profiling the Laotian government forces, the government Allied forces and the Communist forces. He also studied at Sophia University in Tokyo.

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He is the country manager of Risk Management Advisory, a Jakarta-based security consultancy, and has travelled extensively throughout South-East Asia. Ken has written widely on the military forces of South-East Asia. Simon McCouaig is rapidly establishing himself as one of the bright new stars of modern military illustration. He has already illustrated several Men-at-Arms and Elite volumes on the units of this region, including the well respected South-East Asian Special Forces.

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The War in Laos 1960–75

Under what was code-named Operation Momentum, the CIA engaged in a sustained and relentless bombing campaign, starting in Throughout the war there was on average, the author states, one bombing attack every eight minutes. The author reveals that according to a secret U. With much of the fighting concentrated in the Plain of Jars, he estimates that the population in the course of the s declined from , to 9, in that region. But the narrative of the end of the war does not bring to an end the tragic story of the bombing: One-third of the bombs remained unexploded, and they continue killing and maiming to this day.

All this was carried out by the CIA. Prior to its creation in , American intelligence was a rather amateurish affair, more reminiscent of an Ian Fleming novel than of the brutal reality it would become. In Laos, however, in view of the paucity of the American diplomatic and armed service presence, the CIA was able, through the "entrepreneurship" of Bill Lair, among others, to expand its realm of activities. For the CIA, Laos was clearly "a great place to have a war. Operation Momentum transformed the CIA from an organization that primarily gathered intelligence into one that engaged in killing and the covert overthrow of regimes considered unfriendly to the U.

Laos : La guerre oubliée (1966)

The overthrow of "unfriendly" democratically elected regimes included that of the prime minister of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh. The Laos narrative raises many disturbing questions about the U.

The obsession with the domino theory adhered to by at least four American presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon and the fight against communism must count--in terms of lives lost, maimings, chemical warfare napalm , massacres including of civilians, notably children --as crimes against humanity, arguably, and among the great tragedies of the 20th century. This eminently well-written and well-researched book deserves deep reflection and wide readership.

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From moral and human perspectives, the book makes chilling reading. The challenge today is not to hark back to some mystical past to make America great again, but rather to make America great at last. I may be the opposite. Though European French I ha Jean-Pierre Lehmann.